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An introduction to Intuitive Eating

What’s all the buzz around intuitive eating, or mindful eating, as some call it?

Unlike crash diets like the Keto diet, Whole 30, the Atkins diet, and even vegan and gluten-free diet, mindful eating is not about food restriction or placing limitations on the type of food we allow into our bodies. It’s not about labeling food as “good” or “bad,” or following strict “rules.” It is about variety and moderation!

Mindful eating isn’t about elimination or weight loss. It’s a technique that encourages us to pay close attention to our bodies’ signals and cues, and allows the senses to guide us in making dietary decisions that will nurture our bodies. 

Though simple in theory, mindful eating often involves making decisions that appear to contradict certain societal norms. It is not about eating in order to achieve a specific weight goal or dress or pant size, and it’s not about creating a quick fix. Rather, it involves reframing one’s relationship with food, eliminating distractions while eating, moving away from emotional eating, and learning to pay attention to the cues that provide us important signals about nutritional needs and satiety. 

So how can you move toward intuitive or mindful eating? Start by blocking out 30 minutes for your next meal; make mindfully eating that meal your only task for that timeframe. Eat more slowly than you typically do during this practice round. Notice the flavors and textures of your food. Slow down and notice how you feel as you eat. This just may be the first step in changing your relationship with food. 

If you are struggling with this, we have clinicians who can work with you to help you in your journey. Our clinicians partner with local dietitians in the area to help you in your journey of Intuitive Eating. Reach out today to discuss further, we look forward to your call!

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